About Stephanie

I have spent the majority of my life in personal growth and therapeutic pursuits. I am profoundly committed to this practice -- not only for myself, since it has improved my life immensely, but as a means of deepening your life experience.

“Suffering without catharsis is nothing but wasted pain. And you should never waste your pain, never waste your suffering. It’s powerful stuff, the most powerful stuff there is. Use it. Transform from it. Learn. Grow. Be better.”
-Jim MacLaren via Elizabeth Gilbert

I am grateful to be able to facilitate professionally for others what I do personally for myself. I believe that life is short and that we are each responsible to make ours the most joyful, vibrant experience that we can.

“Stephanie is a warm and connected therapist. Her kindness and open-mindedness easily create an atmosphere of safety, ease and trust between herself and her clients. She is compassionate, accepting and has excellent listening and communication skills.”

I have been working as a therapist since 1992. Because of this, I have a depth and breadth of knowledge about therapy and personal growth resources that I want to bring to you. I recommend books, practices and other therapeutic modalities to assist you in your healing.

“Stephanie includes all aspects of a person into their healing process. teaching mindfulness and self love, tolerance and compassion as a way of accelerating healing. She is always ready and willing to recommend reading or other healing modalities that may benefit her clients.”

As an Imago therapist I am uniquely able to assist you with your partnerships and to help you improve your communication with any loved one, friend, family member or co-worker. My use of inner child work or “inner adult work” can help you learn to vastly improve your self-nurturing and self-care, increasing your independence as well as your ability to relate to others in healthy ways.

“Stephanie’s manner is unbiased, rational, patient and objective. She is easily able to track complicated situations and stay focused and on task. She is honest, real and human with her clients. She uses humor and insight to give feedback and suggestions that keep her engaged in the healing process with her clients.”